New Website of La Molienda Lodge, Departments and Suites for rent.

Please visit us for more Info of “La Molienda de El Atillo” and our Departments and Suites for Rent in Vilcabamba at

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Christmas moments in El Atillo

Many Parents came with their children from nearby locations in Vilcabamba to play and eat candy together under a sunny morning christmas.

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Family event in Vilcabamba

On Saturday November 13th, a family event took place in Vilcabamba to celebrate family heritage and nature. Take a look at some pictures from that day:

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Fountains of Youth

” Several other regions around the world are renowned for the unusually long life expectancies of their residents. No group investigates and certifies longevity-cluster claims, however, and no two lists of them are the same. The Caucasus Mountains in Russia, the Japanese island of Okinawa and the mountain town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, are often mentioned. Dan Buettner, author of a book published by National Geographic earlier this year about diet and lifestyle in longevity clusters, even identifies a group of Seventh-day Adventists living in Loma Linda, Calif. Possible explanations range from eating yogurt (the Caucasus) to eating very little meat (Okinawa) to drinking water from melting glaciers (Vilcabamba)…”

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Welcome to our Blog!

Here at Club “El Atillo” we live and breath nature at its best. We offer you the opportunity to experience the valley like never before from our first class accomodation Club, Gated Condominium and Lodge. Come and see! Bring your family and friends and explore the magic and mystery of Vilcabamba from “El Atillo”.

We are located at the east side of the Valley, few steps to the Village and seven blocks to the central park.

Lots  9/2 = 1.206,12 sq. m.; 9/4= 1.089,24 sq. m.: 9/5=1.278,25: 7/1= 868 sq. m.; and 7/2= 716 sq. m. USD 48 sq. m. + club’s shares. Negotiable. (in relation with the terms of payment).


Lodging: Suites = 70 sq. m. + gardens + terraces. USD 500 p/month. Apt. 105 sq. m. + garden + terrace. USD 600 p/month. Houses: 164 sq. m. + garden + terrace = USD 1100 p/month. Full furnished and equipped, 24/7 security, club’s services. All services included : electricity, water, gardenning, internet, glp., external cleanning, laundry room.


We look forward to seeing you soon…


Manuel Vivanco

Developer ” El Atillo”

Atillo´s Main entrance

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